Make a difference Nepal,is getting ready to international and national volunteers to support in its programs and activities through different sources, some of them are as:

English Teacher 
Art Teacher
ECD Trainer
Community Mobilizer
Creative Teacher for students of remote schools

Make a difference Nepal would like to invite interested people or group of people to contribute to this organization to enhance its capacity to improve health and education status of our working district.

How to become a volunteer?

My Experience with “Make a Difference” in Gorkha!!
Christine Bauer

Ringing bells for prayer at early morning, the sounds of roosters and plates being washed just in front of the house - that's how I woke up every day during my beautiful stay in the villages of the district of Gorkha. Usually my days started very gently with a nice cup of the very sweet black tea or the traditional milk tea ( well it took me a while to get used to this Nepali tea, but now became hooked on it having it at least once a day!)

While having my rich breakfast (dal bhat,what I found cooked quite spicy ) and sittiing on a bench in front of the house I could watch children in groups in their school uniforms passing by from the surrounding houses and farms. Chatting, playing and being excited they would shout a friendly and cheerful "Good morning" towards me.

From far I could hear the sound of the school bell - signing the start of the school at ten with an assembly, all children and teachers lined up with their classmates outside in front of the school and singing the beautiful national anthem of Nepal.

We from "Make a difference Nepal" always had a very warm welcome at the assemblies and were introduced to the pupils. Excitement was big when we entered the classroom - having those curious and with joy flickering eyes spotted towards us. I was astonished by the energy of those 25 to 35 kids, being eager to find information’s about Austria and learning some English.

I started every class with introducing myself and talking about Austria and then invited the pupils to introduce themselves with playing a game or drawing and answering questions. I found that they knew quite a lot of Vocabularies but were not used at all to build sentences and talk in English. So I, Krishna and Saroj tried to encourage them to talk using art work and different games - having a lot of fun with playing and learning at the same time! We even did some yoga - the students loved doing it!

We visited three different villages and their schools, what gave me the great opportunity to enjoy a lot of the beautiful countryside and I got to know so many great people! It was just incredible to stay with the families and be a part of their daily life, seeing their hard work on the fields, getting to know how precious water is if you have to fetch it in jars from a well quite some walk away. They were all eager to make the stay as pleasant as possible for us - thank you all for that!
Thanks to Krishna, Saroj and Nabaraj for taking care and being so attentive - especially when I found it hard at the beginning to share the house and my stay with the wonderful goats and chickens :-); thanks for the cheering up then and sharing the beautiful views of Mountain Manaslu with me!

Thank you to "Make a difference Nepal" for the great opportunity you gave me to be part of the villages and the childrens live for a short period of time - my very precious experience here in Nepal! I do hope I gave the pupils a good time and a glimpse of fun with English!

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