Chandra Thapa


My name is Chandra Thapa, born in Kathmandu Nepal. My story begins when I was five years old with my father’s decision to enrol me to a public school. Even though my parents are illiterate, they always wanted me and my seven siblings to attend schools. I considered this decision of my father as a first big achievement of my life because not many of my friends attended school and still now their lives haven’t changed much. Life had put lots of ups and downs on my road, however I took every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

My second big achievment in life was in April 1997, when I spent one year with Martina Haiboeck. At that time, a relationship with Martina and Haiboeck family was built, which I define as a relationship of ‘humanity’ where two different cultures meet and shared their joys and sorrows together. Martina and her generous Haiboeck family continuously helped me and the Thapa family because they believed that one day we will give back what we have gained in life.

Until 2008, I spent my life in Nepal studying and working in community sector. In July 2009, I went to Australia to gain further education in community services. I always believe education is a key to eliminate poverty and overcome other problems in life. Since I was five years old until today, things haven’t changed much in the lives of children and their education. Neither my dream has changed, a dream---- to create a place where every child gets education and enjoys a healthy and a happy childhood.

I need your support in this dream. So why not….MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!