COVID-19 Crisis Support Project

Phase I: Distribution of Relief package

Distribution of relief packages to familes in Manohora.
Relief packages prepared by MDN
Distribution of relief packages to familes in Manohora.
Transporting the relief packages by MDN
Soya nuggets for the relief package
Distribution of relief packages to familes in Manohora
Relief packages preparing
Happy people, happy us
Rice for the relief package
Distribution of relief packages
A family returning home after receiving relief package distributed by MDN
Distribution of relief packages to familes in Manohora

Date: May 14, 2020
Time: 12 noon to 3 pm
Area:Pragati Nagar, Ward number 01, Manohora, Bhaktapur District
Program Venue: ECD Centre, Manohora
Number of Families: 80
Details of Relief Package: Rice (10kg), Lentil(1kg), Potato(2kg), Onion (2kg),
Soya nuggets(1pkt), Salt(1pkt), Soap (1 pkt) and Gloves (1 pair)

Hello Everyone,

MAKE A DIFFERENCE NEPAL is very pleased to share that we have successfully completed the COVID-19 Crisis Support Project. We have distributed relief packages (essential food supplies) to 80 families residing in the Manohora slum area. At initial phase, MDN coordinated with ward office to analyze the situation and identify the most vulnerable and affected families due to COVID-19 nationwide lockdown.

MDN identified a total of 80 families who were in need of help. MDN held an open discussion where the participants expressed their needs at these uncertain times due to COVID-19 pandemic. The identified families suggested that relief materials (daily essentials) would serve them best as it will bring meals on their plates since they are unable to earn at this time of crisis.

MDN agreed to their request and purchased above mentioned food supplies for 80 families. On 14 May 2020, MDN distributed the relief packages to the families. MDN took necessary precaution measures to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus. Maintaining the social distancing practice and in smaller groups, MDN distributed the relief materials to all 80 families as promised. A few volunteers from the Ward office and neighborhood gathered for extra support along with the team of MDN. With great unity, the project was a huge success in the community of Manohara slum area Kathmandu, Nepal.

MDN would like to take a moment to thank all the generous individuals and groups involved in this great cause.

First of all, MDN would like to thank our dear Martina Haiboeck, the Haiboeck Family (Austria and Italy), BOI (Austria), Alex Raich and Christine Bauer (Austria) for their ongoing generous support towards the people of Nepal. With their continuous support MDN has been successful in bringing happiness to lives of many children, families and deprived communities of Nepal since 2015.

MDN also like to express our gratitude towards our volunteers who directly provided support to deliver the program during uncertain times. We appreciate sincere support from Ms. Gita Limbu , Ms.Purnima Sherpa & Ms. Nirmala Gole (ECD Centre Manohara), Ms. Bhagwati Gautam( ward member/ representative of the Ward office, Manohara).

Our volunteers Mrs.Maiya Basnet, Mr. Pramod Basnet, Mr.Nabin & Mr. Merin Raj Basnet provided a huge assistance and we would like to thank you for your support.

MDN also like to thank Mr Raja Gurung for coming forward with the idea and coordinating in the program. You made it happen Mr Raja Gurung!

A big thank you goes to Mr Krishna Thapa for being our all-rounder. Since the beginning of the program to the end, you have been extremely busy from carrying relief packages to delivering them with a big smile on your face as usual. Thank you to your versatility!!

MDN is looking forward to receiving everyone’s generous contribution in coming days too!

Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!