Javier Raffo-Mendez


My name is Javier Raffo-Mendez, born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today, I reside in Brisbane, Australia with my beautiful and kind wife Chandra Thapa. I visited Nepal in October 2012 with Chandra for the very first time. I was fascinated to see how different religions live in harmony and such a small country holds great cultures and traditions.

However, the situation of children broke my heart. I saw children sufferring from poor health and generation of illeteracy forcing children to work at very younge age. But still, they have a big smile on their face and remember to say “hello” when they see foreigners on the streets!

One returning back to Australia, Chandra together with her very old friend Martina, and I decided to do something to help these reilience children of Nepal.

Solidaritylity and collectively, we could acheieve positive goals..Hills and paths where your footsteps are wating………

So, why not…..MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!