Make a Difference- Nepal/Parivartan Kiran-Nepal

Goal: Ensuring people’s right to education and health

mapMD Nepal has been visiting few Village Development Committees (VDC) of Gorkha District since fewmonths after devastating earthquake which shook the whole nation claiming much life and other catastrophe. Gorkha is one the major district hit hard by this unfortunate event.
The level infrastructural destruction was highly visible in that district including educational sectors. The MDN team interacted with the local community, stakeholders from education field and few social leaders. After the first observation MDN then planned and visited VDCs of Gorkha district regularly. Due course, MDN made an effort to contribute to some extent by providing some materials focusing on the children a education and health.

Apart from community interactions and meeting with school personnel, following are the steps taken by MDN team in three VDS of Gorkha District;

1. Distribution of 90 Whiteboard and markers to different school in Gorkha district: In many schools of Nepal especially in remote areas, the black board is attached to the wall. Since many school infrastructure were destroyed during earthquake, we thought of providing white boards which could be hanged anywhere as a temporary solution to schools in need. It helped the teachers to run the classes.

2. Distribution of clothing materials and other things to students:
• Make a difference, distributed 41 piece of high neck to the students of class standard I and II. Rest of the students (senior) was given 125 pair of socks in Siddha Devi Secondary School of Arupokhari VDC.
• Distributed toys for to student of primary Classes of Maikot School .
• Distributed books for the library of Maikot School.
• 22 sweaters , 22 pairs of socks and 22 handkerchief distributed to ECD students Maikot School.
• 310 sweaters distributed all the student of Maikot School.

3. Contributing to increase access to drinking water for the students of Maikot School. Availability of drinking water in schools is very rare. Most of the schools were not able to provide water to students as per their requirement especially in dry seasons. Thus, MDN team planned to hire a person in order to bring the water from downhill to the school for the children. This has been very effective as children are being able to access drinking water. It is still running since month of April 2016.

4. Conducting tuition classes for the students of Maikot. As suggested by the teachers and few parents of Maikot VDC, MDN team decided to conducted an extra classes for the student so that they can learn more. Few days in the beginning, there was encouraging number of students participation. The classes then continued for few months. But now we finally have stopped this program after observing steep decline in number of students attending the classes. We would conduct a survey to figure out the real reason for not being able to conduct is successfully.

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